Meet the Maker

Sadly, I am not the personification of a tarot card somehow accessing the internet; my apologies for the deception.

I am Jax, a 20 y/o writer, witch, and editor. That’s a fun trinity I never thought I’d ascribe to myself, but there you go. Life’s been a big falling-into-the-underworld for me, and an even bigger clawing my way back out once those pomegranate seeds had been eaten.

Until a little over a year ago, I was at medical school, rocking it out on the brink of death and hoping I would tip over the edge. No one ever warned me that medical school would be boring. But, now that I’m that odd trio of things, I’m a lot happier, a lot less fragile, and a lot more powerful. So, in a way I’m grateful I got stuck in the underworld; after all, now I know what’s down there, and how to get myself out.

Since I agree, that is a curious combination of things to be, I’ve sorted my ‘about me’ information into three sections.

Jax the Writer

Three years ago, I would have awkwardly assured you ‘I’m not that good’. Well, you know what, fuck that being my own worst enemy crap. I love my writing. Sure, I think it has flaws and is by no means perfect, but for me, my writing is what I want it to be. And I know I can be damn good. I still got a hell of a way to go (hence why I’m to study English at university this coming autumn) but I like it, and that’s enough for me right now. If you like it too? Fab, and much appreciated.

As a writer, I’ve had more experience than with most other things in my life. I’ve been writing online since I was ten (awh) but really ramped it up around the age 15/16 mark. I used to hang out on wattpad, and was in the top 100 for ‘mystery’ novels with some absolute trash I wrote, along with being number 3 for a poetry collection. I then fell in love with a writer called ‘Porpentine‘ and dipped into programming and writing ‘interactive fiction’ and text-based games, along with learning how to script choose-your-own adventures etc.

Nowadays, I’m over that (mostly). I write poetry (of the pretentious, modern sort), interactive fiction, and am interested in writing novels/novellas in the literary genre, as well as possibly science-fiction. I’m not really serious about any of it for the moment; I have other things to focus on, in all honesty. Like memes.

I like anything artsy, weird, surreal, or creepy. Expect the disturbing, the nsfw, and the ‘too edgy 4 u’.

Jax the Witch

For anyone who came here looking for just writing orientated things, you’re probably thinking ‘what the actual scooby?’, or something less twee than that. I essentially approach magick from a psychospiritual perspective (bear with me, uninitiated) and use ritual, myth, etc. for the purposes of psychological exploration, enhancement, empowerment, etc. I am still figuring out my beliefs regarding ideas around divinity, the supernatural (in the ‘above’ natural sense), superstition, and so forth.

Though I do not fit neatly into any of them exactly, the best relevant labels for my practice are that I am a chaos witch who works with Persephone, archetypes, shadow work, art magick, and tarot. Hecate and Medusa also linger on the sidelines of my practice.

Jax the Editor

I have been editing since I was around fourteen, and consider myself somewhat proficient in it. As an essay finalist w/ Oxford University, England, along with being someone who writes critically at the English-degree level, I do not believe I make these claims without basis. Of course, I am still learning and growing, and am by no means a professional in the ‘associated with a particular company or group’ sense.

I often critique for fun and because I’m a mouthy fucker, but these tend to be more casual and relaxed (i.e. I will cheerfully drink wine whilst reading and giving feedback). I am presently considering offering more formal and in-depth services for payment, but it will depend on the work and person.

If you want me to edit your work, please let me know what areas of focus you want, and what nature of edit you’d like. I will let you know if I will be able to preform said critique to a level I would feel comfortable accepting money for; if I don’t think I would be able to help you well enough, I will decline in a professional capacity, but may well give casual critiques if I enjoy your work.

Jax the Human

Okay, I lied, there was a fourth section. Scandalous, I know.

Jax the human is someone who goes by they/them or he/him pronouns. Before you scream about those not being real pronouns, that’s totally cool, I just don’t really care? Haven’t you got bigger things to lose your shit over? I know I have.

I am a survivor of anorexia nervosa, now in recovery, and deal with anxiety/depression/somethin’, idek bruh. I’ve found witchcraft, spirituality, writing, and reading to be extremely useful for all that jazz, and no longer consider it to be a dominating factor in my life.

I like using internet slang to let you know I’m approachable and don’t take myself seriously, although I probably do, too much so at times. I find it almost impossible to be dishonest, despise being rude, and have no interest in fighting with random strangers on the internet.

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